Parking spaces for caravans

Color Line passengers, please note: We offer you the option to park your caravan at the Norwegenkai Terminal for the duration of your voyage. There is a limited number of spaces for caravans of more than 6 m length. Please note that it is not allowed to stay overnight in your caravan and that there is no power or water supply nor can your toilet/waste water be disposed of on our premises at Norwegenkai.
Distance of car park to terminal: 150 m

AIDA passengers, please note: There are more caravan parking spaces available in our cruise car park at the airport. For further information or a booking enquiry, please contact AIDA.

Notification for cruise passengers at the Ostseekai and Ostuferhafen: Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces for caravans available at our Ostseekai and Ostuferhafen Terminals.

In the following, you will find a list of other options to park your caravan:
- Car park Kai-City Kiel – Fa. Nordpark T. +49 (0)4343 499 487
- Car park Kösterallee (near sports harbour Wik) T. +49 (0)431 647 44 74
- Car park Soling (Olympics Centre in Schilksee)
- Car park Scheerhafen / Nordmole (Wik, Kiel Canal) T. +49 (0)431 554 280